Solve your business problem: from strategy to transformation

Tasks for Growth
Market and competitor analysis and identification of areas for development
Identifying strategic forks for the company
Developing and reviewing strategies, developing a transformation plan
Calculating the potential by fork and the cost of implementation
Developing a transformation plan with quick wins in mind
Analysis of customer preferences, revision of the value proposition Value proposition revision
Segment customers into consistent patterns of behaviour and identify target segments
Market and competitor analysis
Identification of impact drivers by target customer segments
Determining product and brand positioning
Generating commercial terms and conditions by sales channel
Revising the quotation of goods and services
Updating the company's value proposition
Identification of target niches and areas for development
Highlighting trends and forecasting market development
Analysis of the positioning of competitors and how to differentiate from them
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Optimisation Tasks
Optimising the operating model and organisational structure
Supply chain optimisation and supply model
Cost optimisation and revision of the pricing model
Construction of an optimisation model to maximise profit on commercial procurement at a minimum level of working capital and storage costs
Calculation of optimum stock levels by commodity and supplier for a given level of service
Calculation of optimum payment delays on suppliers, taking into account the turnover of goods
Optimisation working capital
Optimisation of the supply model, taking into account the current constraints on service level and costs
Calculation of target service level and stocks by element in the supply chain
Construction of an optimisation model for logistical links to warehouses and counterparts
Automation of management and control procedures
Measuring and rationing staff performance
Developing targeted business processes
Building an optimisation model to maximise margins while maintaining sales
Clustering of products and distribution channels according to the nature of demand
Develop a pricing policy by cluster, taking into account competitors
Staff costs
Logistics costs
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Challenges to improve sustainability
Review of the corporate structure and governance model
Calculation of the risk management model for the portfolio
Review of the investment portfolio, including projects and products
Agree a target level of return and risk tolerance across segments of the portfolio
Develop recommendations to optimise the current investment portfolio
Debt restructuring
Identification of redundant and non-redundant activities within the structure
Structure assessment in terms of process efficiency and financial result
Assessing the likelihood of recovery of receivables and prioritising the repayment of Cs
Audit of debt structure by type and maturity
Making recommendations for the liquidation, merger and/or acquisition of functions
Developing a negotiating position on troubled creditors and debtors
Company cost
Net cash flow
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